Facility management





The five-star holiday experience is only possible if your property is offered in a top condition. Research has shown that guests value the hygiene of their holiday home highest of all. Not only the house itself but also the terraces and garden must be in a perfect state. The swimming pool, if available must be clean and clear. Even though this may be obvious, we know it is not always easy to realise. Your guests do not want to be confronted with these annoyances, they expect a vacation without worries of these kinds.

High season puts it all under pressure Cleaners are in a hurry and need to go to their next job and the same applies to all other supporting services in the business of letting houses.  Perhaps you already experienced the mix up of your sheets or towels returning from the laundry? We will not list what can go wrong in the high season. We will take care of all this, you should not need to worry about this any longer.

9 PLUS Property Management has an extensive network of people who have proven to survive in the hectics of the high season. Reliable people who understand their profession. People we like to work with because they don't let us down. We organize things in such a way that everything is done on time and according to your desires. We will check if all is executed as planned. You can rely on us to take care of all these activities in a professional manner based on our long-lasting experience

We monitor your property also during the low seasons of the year We ensure that pests will not pollute your property, that technical installations will continue to work and that the garden remains in good shape. We do this by checking your property bi-weekly and when applicable we will take care of minor repairs or hire specialists when needed. We also keep keys for access by suppliers, guests and brokers when needed.

Concerning safety in and around your home, we are the first point of contact for your security company and we will report possible burglaries to the police and, if desired, to your insurance. We ensure that all technical installations such as central heating and air conditioning are checked annually and that your fire extinguisher is changed for a new one when needed. We also ensure that the available first aids are supplemented.