Home management without renting out


If you do not live in your holiday home all year round and do not wish to rent out this house, 9 PLUS Property Management can take care of the management of your precious property during your absence. We inspect your home every two weeks and immediately after every heavy rain shower (think of Gota Fria, for example) or storm. We check whether the plants in the house have enough water, whether the watering system is still working outside and whether there are any leaks anywhere. We flush the toilets and let the taps run for a while so that the drains don't get dry and start smelling. We are the first point of contact for your security company and report any burglary directly to the police and you. We are also the key manager for suppliers and upon your instructions, we let your family or guests in the house when you are not there. In your absence, pests like mice or cockroaches have free rein. We will take immediate action as soon as we notice these unwanted guests have moved in with you. 

This basic management for homeowners assures you that your home is closely monitored. We offer this service at competitive rates. See Pricing for more details.

If you have additional wishes to our offer, we are more than pleased to discuss the possibilities with you. For example, we can make sure your home is ready for occupancy when you or your guests arrive. Everything nice and clean, beds made, the first groceries are ready in the fridge, the terrace is cleaned after a (jet another) sandy Sahara rain shower. Even after your departure, we can pick up beds and bring the laundry to the cleaners and have a final cleaning performed. Would you rather just spend your holiday in your holiday home? 9 PLUS Property Management ensures that you can fully enjoy your stay in your holiday home. Please let us know what your wishes are, we are happy to make a non-binding offer tailored to what you desire.