Total Pack Promo Pack Facility Owner Only
Inventory of facilities and inventory

Check the legal rental status    
Check the presence of safety devices    
Writing texts for websites and OTAs    
Professional high-quality photos    
Advice starts rates based on comparable homes    
Dynamic daily pricing with advanced software    
Advertising and positioning the home on relevant OTAs    
Advertise on 9 PLUS website    
Supply own website with booking calendar and hosting    
Commission-free bookings through these websites    
Central booking calendar for all booking platforms    
Keep the booking calendar up to date    
Login to our channel management software package    
Social media promotion of your home    
Available 24/7 for guests      
Making an information folder in your corporate identity
A warm welcome arrival surprise      
Monthly current booking overview    
Personal report
End of quarter financial information for Modelo 210 declaration      
Preparing the house for rental before guests arrive    
Coordination and control cleaning and laundry    
Control pool maintenance    
Control maintenance garden and watering  
Keyholder for suppliers, brokers, guests    
Reports on necessary maintenance  
Have annual checks of the central heating installation, air conditioning    
Checking pool pumping system  
Inside home inspection and flushing toilets and sinks  
Checking the presence of pests and controlling them if necessary  
Reporting burglaries or vandalism  
The first point of contact for alarm messages  


Total Pack

Ideal for owners who want to rent out their holiday home, leaving the care of the house and the entire rental process to specialists. We offer the Total Pack, based on the proceeds from actual bookings. The fee for all activities ticked under Total Pack is 20% + IVA per booking

Promo Pack

You have outsourced the management of your holiday home to someone who does this to your complete satisfaction. You wish to optimize the promotion of your holiday home to get a higher occupancy. The Promo Pack of 9 PLUS Holiday Villas is happy to take care of this promotion for you based on the proceeds of the actual bookings made. The fee for all activities ticked under Promo Pack is 10% + IVA per booking.


For owners who are satisfied with the number of bookings received per year, 9 PLUS Holiday Villas offers the Facility package. You can offer your house very well cleaned and in top condition to your guests. We offer the Facility package for a fixed annual fee of € 950 + IVA.

If desired, we can take care of cleaners and persons who can maintain the garden and swimming pool. We can estimate the costs of these 'subcontractors' separately, based on the size and laboriousness of your home. Usually, these costs are reasonably covered by the cleaning costs that are charged additionally to the rent.

Owner only

The Owner Only package is for owners who do not want to rent out their holiday home but want their home to be regularly inspected during the periods that they (or their guests) do not live there. We offer the Owner Only package for only € 365 per year. So that's only € 1 per day!

Owners who have extra wishes, such as preparing the house before their arrival, sheets and bringing towels to the laundry, first shopping in the fridge, can notify us. We make an attractive tailor-made proposal without any obligation.

We record all agreements made with you in an agreement so that you know what you can expect from us and under what conditions. No ambiguity afterwards, but completely transparent.