High standard of holiday home letting



Property Management for your 5-star Holiday Home rating

9 PLUS Property Management helps owners letting their holiday home in Spain. The goal is to offer your guests a 5-star experience. Satisfied guests will become your ambassadors, give you positive reviews and are most likely to come back for their next vacation.

9 PLUS Property Management offers you full support in taking care of the entire property management. All facility activities, promotions, transfers, price optimizing,  agenda management and arrangement of all legal matters regarding the letting of your holiday home in Spain. A total service package taking care of your property while providing your guests with the ultimate holiday experience. A 5-star experience. 

We own a villa housing 10 people which we let. We spend a lot of time in perfecting and professionalizing our letting activities. This has resulted in a consistent five-star rating from our guests. It is our ambition to share our knowledge and experience with you. We will charge our services only upon realized renal revenues booked.